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Interacting with Sound.



In this chapter we present future opportunities for using sound within pervasive advertising. We focus on current trends of interacting with sound, which we believe will have a strong influence on sound branding in the near future. We start giving an overview on the topics of sound branding and music making. Then we outline requirements, application areas and design issues for interactive music systems from an advertising and musicological perspective. From the advertising point of view, the benefit of music is that it is a strong vehicle to convey a memorable message to the target group. Originally used as jingle in radio and television ads or as background component in shopping malls, nowadays sounds are also used within interactive media in the internet and in digital signage. Yet, there have been only very limited attempts to include sound itself to the interactive experience. We describe in detail an approach that enables users to control advertising sounds by the interaction, utilizing a novel technique of algorithmic composition based on soft constraints. That followed, we present a public display prototype for interactive advertising music, and close with first results from a user study.