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Gilbert Beyer

Designer, UX Researcher, Prototyper, Lecturer, and Trainer

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Interactive Out-of-Home Displays

Investigating passer-by and audience behavior around differently shaped large interactive displays in public space such as a round interactive advertising column, a long interactive banner display and an interactive life-size screen. These interactive public displays become more active themselves and attract passer-by attention, convey their interactivity and subtly guide passers-by in front of them to improve the public interaction.

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Lectures and courses in layout and typography, interaction design, programming with Kinect sensors, user-centric adaptive systems as well as multimedia programming and several programming languages.

Interacting with Sound

Investigating how novice users, who often have no prior musical knowledge, can create harmonic melodies during a brief encounter with music applications in public spaces without a prior training phase.

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User-centric adaptive systems

Investigating user-aware adaptive systems that sense users' emotional state, their cognitive engagement and their physical conditions and actions in order to improve the interactive experience and assist people in their specific activities.


I'm Gilbert, currently I live in Munich working as an interaction designer and trainer at Coding Academy. My projects include UX design, prototyping, and user research, especially in the out-of-home domain.

In my free time I like to go swimming, contribute to the Wikipedia, or listen to techno music. I'm always happy to hear about new projects, so feel free to drop me a line if you like.

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