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Interactive Advertising Jingles: Using Music Generation for Sound Branding.



Music in advertising is an intensely used social engineering technique and a commonplace to today's customers. From an advertising perspective, the benefit of music is that it is a strong vehicle to convey a memorable message to the target group. Mainly used as jingle in radio and television commercials or as background component in shopping environments, sounds were put in the context of interaction in the internet and digital outdoor media. Yet, there have been only very limited attempts to control music within the interactive experience. This paper describes an approach to make advertising jingles and sounds be controlled by the interaction, utilizing a novel technique of music generation based on soft constraints. The paper starts with a vision on the future development of sound branding. That followed, we present our concept of interactive advertising jingles and describe the design and techniques of our prototype system for music generation. We close with implications of our present results on further work.