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Music Interfaces for Novice Users: Composing Music on a Public Display with Hand Gestures.



In this paper we report on a public display where the audience is able to interact not only with visuals, but also with music. The interaction with music in a public setting involves some challenges, such as that passers-by as ‘novice users’ engage only momentarily with public displays and often don’t have any musical knowledge. We present a system that allows users to create harmonic melodies without being in need of a previous training period. Our software solution enables users to control melodies by the interaction, utilizing a novel technique of algorithmic composition based on soft constraints. The proposed algorithm does not generate music randomly, but makes sure that the interactive music is perceived as harmonic at any time. Since a certain amount of control over the music is assigned to the user and to ensure the music can be controlled in an intuitive way, the algorithm further includes preferences derived from user interaction that can be competing with generating a harmonic melody. To test our concept of controlling music, we developed a prototype of a large public display and conducted a user study, exploring how people would control melodies on such a display with hand gestures.