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User-centric Adaptive Systems

Investigating user-aware adaptive systems that sense users' emotional state, their cognitive engagement and their physical conditions and actions in order to improve the interactive experience and assist people in their specific activities. This work was part of the European Union's FP7 project REFLECT. Results were presented at Pervasive, MobiQuitous and FET.

  • Adaptive displays
  • Display prototypes
  • Emotion recognition
  • OpenCV, SHORE
  • User research

As a research fellow at REFLECT, I designed an adaptive head-up display for the car demonstrator of the project that responded to driver inattention and fatigue by displaying visual cues on the windshield, an adaptive public display that adapted content to the number, gaze and facial expressions of viewers, and a touch interface to control the various experiments of the project partners. I was also involved in the administrative work of the project.

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