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I gave lectures and courses on topics such as layout and typography, interaction design, programming with Kinect sensors, user-centric adaptive systems as well as multimedia programming in languages such as Java, C# or Python.

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Layout and Typography

In this course at LMU Munich I taught basic principles of typography, layout and editorial design and essentials in Adobe Indesign. Among other things, the students designed flyers and posters for the institute's Open Lab Day, as well as a portfolio booklet for their job applications. The poster designs were displayed in a public exhibition at the end of the course.

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Programming with Kinect

In this course at LMU Munich I taught programming basics with Microsoft Kinect sensors, depth and skeletal data, and how to create systems using multiple Kinects, using the Microsoft SDK, C#, and Visual Studio. Students developed their own project in group work and presented their work on a public interactive display at the end of the course (see example).

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Interaction Design

As part of the Interaction Design lecture series at LMU Munich, I gave lectures on graphical user interface design. The lectures covered topics such as Gestalt Laws, Proportion, Simplicity, Color, Contrast, Micro- and Macrotypography, Type on the screen, Format, Composition and Variation, Order Systems, Grid Systems, Editorial Design, Grids on the Screen, Grids for the Dynamic Image, Visual Rhetoric.

Multimedia Programming

Tutorials on programming animations and interactive games with Python, Processing, and JavaFX at LMU Munich.

Minor Computer Science

Tutorials on object-oriented programming and algorithms with Java and Eclipse at LMU Munich.

Seminar Adaptive Sytems

Mentoring students in designing adaptive systems that seamlessly collaborate with users and react to their environments at LMU Munich.

Practical Course Software Engineering

Mentoring students in developing larger sofware systems from planning to their implementation at LMU Munich.

Media Programming with Java

Practical course on object-oriented programming and algorithms with Java at UdK Berlin.

Media Programming with PHP

Practical course on dynamic web pages and server-side scripting using PHP at UdK Berlin.